IV amino acids have a wide range of beneficial effects and may complement your current nutritional intake. If you need a brain boost at work or on the court, keep the wellness benefits of amino acids on your mind.

We encourage you to learn about intravenous vitamin drips, how they work, and the ...

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Our IV Therapy consult require a in-person co-joint consultation with our naturopathic doctor and our IV Therapy providers nurse practitioner and/or medical doctor. Your IV provider may discuss how IV calcium may help support your body’s calcium. Low calcium levels may cause: sluggishness, low...

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In order to receive IV therapy at The IV Lounge, you must have an initial in-person co-joint health assessment with our Naturopathic Doctor and our IV Therapy providers nurse practitioner and/or medical doctor. All of our drips are compounded daily and customized for your health needs; they are f...

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The MTHFR enzyme breaks down homocysteine and folate in the body. However, it is possible for the MTHFR gene that codes the MTHFR enzyme to undergo a mutation, resulting in the MTHFR enzyme to function abnormally or become deactivated.

The MTHFR enzyme helps regulate detoxification and the immun...

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If this is your first visit to The IV Lounge Centre in Toronto and is getting your IV therapy, a diagnostic and profiling service will be performed, which will require blood work to help pinpoint your individual needs.

Based on your test results, nutritional deficiencies may be identified and ou...

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Rest, relax, and rehydrate at The IV Lounge.

The IV Lounge is a wellness lounge in Yorkville, Toronto where you can have your health needs tended to in comfort.

To learn more about the treatments offered at The IV Lounge, visit the link below.

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The IV Lounge in Downtown Toronto

Nutritional IV therapy may alleviate the symptoms of chronic fatigue , colds and the flu. Many patients have opted for IV therapy as adjunct cancer care, and as adjunctive care when treating other health conditions.

For examples, patients with Chronic fatigue s...

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Proper vitamins are necessary for the body to function appropriately. IV therapy assists in delivering the essential minerals and vitamins that your body may be lacking.

Additionally, since IV therapy is directly inserted into the bloodstream, your body comes in sudden contact with the nutrition...

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The IV Lounge Toronto Drip Lounge

IV therapy may recuperate hydration in your body, correct low nutrient levels and improve your metabolism. IV therapy may also detoxify your liver and lymphatic system, encouraging the body to improve its overall functioning.

Each visit at The IV Lounge is an i...

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a year ago
Had an incredible experience at the IV Lounge. I have a super busy schedule and tend to get worn out fast, I was quickly attended to by their professional and knowledgeable staff. The doctor had great bedside manner. He listened to my concerns and explained everything. I left feeling refreshed and energized.
- Jose C
2 years ago
If I could, I would give this place a TEN STAR REVIEW. I came to the IV lounge feeling nauseous and dehydrated due to a long international flight layover in Toronto. The IV lounge staff was so very warm and it meant a lot to me since I was traveling alone and felt really sick. The Good Doctor took care of me for many hours and diligently waited for me to heal. I had no home or family to go to in Toronto – being treated at their IV lounge, and getting hydrated and watching wildlife movies was very, very healing physically and mentally! The hydration drip combined with the nausea treatment really helped so much and I went to bed feeling SO MUCH BETTER and woke up 100% better! Thank you very much for the LOVE and HYDRATION!
- Minei C
4 years ago
I loved my IV treatment experience at Dr. Amauri's Clinic, he is a very caring an knowleageble doctor. It was a very relaxing and invigorating treatment.
- Aurelia T

IV Drip Lounge

The IV Lounge is an IV vitamin drip clinic located in Yorkville, Toronto. We Offer  customized intravenous vitamin therapy. The clinic offers a relaxing lounge setting so you will be pampered with comfort while enjoying your IV Drip. Relaxing music and movies and Netflix   are also available for everyone.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Bloodwork is required for every patient before getting an intravenous vitamin infusion. Once the result is in, our resident Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Amauri Caversan, will design your treatment plan based on your individual needs to optimaze the outcome.

Here are some friendly reminders before coming to the center for your iv therapy:

  • Drink lots of water before appointment begins
  • Do not come hungry, grab a food or two
  • Get active - increase body movement helps ensure a successful treatment. Tip: park a couple of blocks away and walk over to the clinic!
  • Avoid OTC medications that can cause your blood vessels to constrict e.g. antihistamines and decongestants
  • Relax, do deep breathing exercises to help relieve tension

Advantages of Intravenous Vitamins:

1. Direct delivery to cells through the bloodstream

Intravenous vitamin therapy allows for nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to be quickly delivered to your cells so they are available for use right away.

2. Fewer side effects

Common stomach upsets such as cramps, nausea, or diarrhea usually caused by ingesting high doses of certain vitamins and minerals are avoided.

3. Can be given in high doses for more effective outcomes

Taking vitamins in high doses for a more effective outcome is only possible if given intravenously. For example, intravenous vitamin C in high dosage is believed to be beneficial in fighting side effects of chemotherapy.

Types of Vitamin IV Available In Our Clinic

High-Dose Vitamin C Drip

High-dose IV vitamin C may be considered as adjunctive support in cancer therapy. This IV drip may also support patients who are immunocompromised (or lack the ability to respond to infections normally due to a weakened immune system).   Vitamin C is an antioxidant that assists in building collagen. It’s necessary for growing, developing and repairing tissues; vitamin C is included in many body functions, supports the immune system, detoxifies the body, and helps fight off viruses.  

Pre- or Post-Exercise Amino Acid Drip ·

Our Pre- or Post-Exercise Amino Acid Drip consists of branched chain essential amino acids and antioxidants that help ward off free radicals. This drip is designed to support malabsorption, to encourage muscle recovery, and to help relieve soreness and dehydration from athletic performances.·       Patients that are frequently physically active, such as athletes, may notice benefits from this IV therapy. This treatment may be administered before and/or after competitions to assist with injury recovery and help increase energy levels. 

The Immune Drip

The Immune Drip is created to help those suffering from acute, chronic, viral or bacterial infections. This cocktail may help shorten the duration of illnesses as it contains vitamins and minerals that are known to support immune function. In particular, this IV therapy may benefit patients who are concerned about their immune function during cold and flu seasons.   

Detoxifying IV Drip

Our Detoxifying IV Drip may be beneficial for those Detoxifying IV Drip Concerned with everyday toxins, helping to detoxify the body with nutritional components, such as glutathione.   This IV Drip helps support detoxification pathways, including the liver; it may also assist in alleviating the symptoms of chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases, thyroid conditions, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, heavy metal toxicity and fibromyalgia. 

Anti-Aging IV Drip

The Anti-Aging IV Drip contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that may assist in repairing skin cells, while supporting the health and growth of hair and nails.  This intravenous blend also includes collagen-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties that may benefit skin elasticity. When regularly administered, patients may notice an improvement in their complexion, with further support for age-related wrinkles and skin pigmentation.   

Glutathione IV Drip

When administered intravenously, glutathione may deliver anti-aging benefits, while assisting in brain function and liver detoxification.  Glutathione is an antioxidant known for containing anti-aging properties; it may help treat inflammation in the whole body and refresh the appearance of the skin.  As an IV therapy, glutathione may aid in reversing the damage caused by oxidative stress, which can build up in the body over time.   

Max Hydration Drip 
This nourishing blend of vitamins, minerals and Electrolytes is formulated to help restore fluids, while rehydrating and detoxifying the body.  The Max Hydration Drip contains electrolytes (minerals) that are essential for the proper functioning of muscles, balancing the PH levels of your blood, and more. It also helps rehydrate the body after prolonged physical exertion or from conditions that cause excessive fluid loss (i.e. diarrhea or vomiting).  Due to its hydrating properties, our Max Hydration Drip may contribute to enhancing your physical and mental performance. 

 Brain + Mood Amino Acid Drip 

This IV drip is compounded with nootropic amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals. It is specially blended to help support anxiety, low mood and support brain health.  The Brain + Mood Amino Acid Drip contains amino acids, which are the “building blocks” of protein in the human body. Amino acids are one of the precursors of enzymes and neurotransmitters that regulate almost all metabolic processes. They are used in the body to create neurotransmitters (i.e. GABA, serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline) that affect our mood, cravings, cognition, and behaviors.  

Pre- and Post-Surgical Drip 

The stress of undergoing a surgical procedure and staying in a hospital may compromise your immune system and slow down recovery time.  This IV drip helps replenish essential nutrients and fluids in your body; it may further promote the healing of wounds, while helping to build new tissue and strengthen immune function.  Our Pre- and Post-Surgical Drip contains vitamin C, which is a precursor to building collagen. The drip is also specially compounded with amino acids and other nutrients to aid in immunity and encourage natural healing. 

Relaxation IV Drip 

When life gets overwhelming, you need to find a way to maximize your energy levels, get a handle on life – and stay mellow. The Relaxation IV therapy drip supports stress reduction with its blend of nootropic amino acids and minerals. This IV drip is a natural option for encouraging your mind and body to relax from the inside out.

The Energizer IV Drip 

 Based on a pioneering IV drip known as the “Myers’ Cocktail”, the Energizer IV treatment may facilitate in balancing the body’s nutrients. With its cocktail of vitamins and minerals, this IV drip has been reported to help relieve mild to moderate fatigue, brain fog, low energy, extreme lethargy and malaise. It may help boost your energy without feeling uncomfortably “wired.” 

Migraine Support IV Drip 

The Migraine Support IV drip is specially blended to help alleviate painful migraines. This IV drip contains magnesium, which is necessary for regulating blood pressure, muscle and nerve functioning, and for facilitating bone and protein production.  According to research, upping your magnesium intake may be an effective way to calm headaches. Studies also suggest that when a migraine occurs, this is when a person’s magnesium levels are considered to be low.  The Migraine Support IV formula also contains B vitamins, which have been added to promote recovery from migraines. B vitamins may also act as an aid for reducing the recurrence of migraines.  

The MTFR IV Drip 

This IV drip supports the MTHFR enzyme in your body.The MTHFR enzyme breaks down homocysteine and folate in the body. The MTHFR gene that codes the MTHFR enzyme may undergo a mutation; as a result, this mutation incites the MTHFR enzyme to function abnormally or become deactivated.  The MTHFR enzyme helps regulate detoxification and the immune system, and also repairs cells. Because it interferes with so many pathways in the body, the MTHFR gene mutation may cause mental and physical struggles.A considerable percentage of the world’s population has at least one variant of this gene. Though further research is underway on the MTHFR gene, it’s been suggested that those with this gene mutation may experience issues with inflammation, memory, immunity, migraines, depression, cognition and sleep.The MTHFR and Methylation Support drip may help encourage the MTHFR enzyme to function properly, while helping to alleviate symptoms of the MTHFR gene mutation. 

Customized IV Drips

If there is a particular health concern you would like addressed, we offer customized IV drips that cater to your health needs only. We commonly receive requests for customized drips that help support the following conditions: ·      Cardiovascular disease·   
Inflammatory bowel disease    ·      
Leaky gut syndrome   ·      
Macular degeneration<span la

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